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Instant Photos: The Perfect Mehendi/Haldi Favor!

The wait for your wedding photos is something that can get a little too much, and while you browse the photos on your phone and on Insta as you dream about getting the final edited ones, here is something that can make your wedding even more memorable, especially for the guests. Yup, who doesn’t like having their photos with them, and especially when it’s like a momento from a fun time they had? Instant or polaroid photos make for amazing giveaways at smaller, functions and it’s something sweet for your guests to remember your wedding by.

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So here are some ideas on how to make it happen!

Have an instant selfie station

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How cute is this? With everyone going mad about selfies, you can have a selfie station at the wedding with an instant camera and a mirror (don’t forget the selfie attachment on the camera), so that guests can take fun photos to take back. 

Keep one on every table

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If you have about 10 tables, keep a polaroid camera and some refills on the tables for the guests to play around with, and click photos to keep for themselves or hang in the decor.

Hand out polaroid cameras to a few people around

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Probably the easiest way to do this is to get about 2-5 polaroids and enough cartridges to a few trusted friends and siblings and ask them to click people and hand out the polaroids to them.

Display the photos for everyone to see

Image via Tuhina and Filip (Delhi)

This is another cute idea- click a few photos of the crowd at the event with a polaroid and instantly display them for everyone to see, and perhaps take with them once the function is over!

Include the photos in the decor

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This was a sweet idea a bride implemented on her mehendi. The photos were clicked and hung as a part of the decor on paper cranes, which the guests were free to take with them later.

A nice professional photo booth

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If you want to get a little fancy, then this is another way to do it- have a proper photobooth which prints out instant photos installed, and while this may cost more, the work is off yours and your guests’ hands.


As a part of the guest book

Image via Royale Frames★ 3.8  and Simran and Inderpreet (Australia)

Another way to implement the idea is to do it by keeping a camera next to the guest book- so guests can take a photo of themselves to keep one, and paste the other in your guest book with a sweet message!



Printed photos as a momento

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This is also a stall that has become super popular off late- where the guests are given printed photos in a cute card like packaging that has your names or the wedding logo to take back with them. Keeps the photos safer from damage too. 


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