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Printed Tant Boutique

We all know that tant is a very popular type of saree usually worn by the women of West Bengal and Bangladesh, that is the Bengalis. Well known places for weaving this type of saree are Murshidabad, Nadia, Dhaka, Tangail and Hoogly. This saree is meant for regular use and its lightness with transparency is the most appropriate and comfortable wear for this hot and humid Indian climate. Tant along with muslin became famous in the Mughal era, but it is said that the British government tried to destroy this industry in order to protect the textile industry in the city of Manchester. But with pride we can say that it is not at all destroyed in fact it is one of the most demanding saree types among the Bengalis. In earlier days handlooms were used by the weavers which were later replaced by power looms. These sarees often come in beautiful pastel shades with nicely designed thick borders. The motifs used in tant are floral and paisley in general, that gives it a casual yet a beautiful look. Many Bengali movies used this saree to give an ethnic bengali look to the actresses. The different types of tant sarees available in the market are discussed as follows:

Batik Cotton Tant

This type of tant sarees are very common where one can find floral designs on the body as well as on the anchal. The colour combination between the designs and the main colour plays a major role in the beautification of this attire. These sarees are available in a variety of colours like the shades of pink, red, blue and orange among the most popular ones. Any Bengali women can choose the Batik Cotton Tant saree with out any hesitation in order to make herself look more beautiful.

Tussur Tant

Most of us are familier with tussar silk rather than tant, but Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal has Tussur Tant sarees in their collection. These sarees have a plain coloured body with floral or other attractive designs on the anchal and the border. The trendy colours available that will go nice on everyone are white, blue and light orange.

Printed Tant Boutique

Printed Tant Boutique can make woman look wow with its sober design mainly on the white canvas of the saree. A variety of floral designs and beautiful scenary designs with excellent colour combination can really make it a stand out choice for any fashionista lady. The eye soothing outlook with this saree can really prove to be impressive in all sorts of casual occassions. Do give it a try and find out what appreciations do you get from your loved ones.

Designer Tant

Any type of designer saree is like a tailor made solution with a fashion designer’s creativity. Same goes for Designer Tant sarees as well. Different colours like green, brown, white, blue etc. are used in the body and then the perfect design is implemented to give it a nice look. A wide variety of designs are available in this type of saree starting from floral designs to trendy scenary designs. There is a high chance that one can surely get a taste of different types tant sarees in one such designer tant saree.

Maintainance and Care

  • Soak the saree in rock salted warm mater before the first wash.
  • Wash with mild detergents followed by use of starch.
  • Hang them to dry in a shaded area after washing.
  • With the use of Charak tant sarees can gain a new look.

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