Wedding Season Hairstyles: Pigtail To The Classic Bun With A Twist, 5 Hairstyles You Must Try - bridal fashion trend

Wedding Season Hairstyles: Pigtail To The Classic Bun With A Twist, 5 Hairstyles You Must Try

Indian wedding season is here and the salons in the city are all packed with schedules to beautify brides and her maids. While earlier, getting decked up was restricted just to the bride and her immediate family, these days, every wedding is an occasion for everyone to wave their fashion wand. From elaborate dressing, complementing jewelry, trendy makeup to chic hairdos, weddings have become the newest fashion show ramps. And rightly so because, why should brides have all the fun?

Mr. Rayed Merchant, Director Marketing (Global) & Head Brand Procurement at SSIZ International told HerZindagi that “from dreaming and picking the desired attire, ardently scrolling social media for matching accessories and checking out the newest makeup trends to following fashion experts, designers and divas and picking cues from them, the bride and her friends are all into creating the classiest couture for the showstopper, the bride. In the midst, the excited friends and cousins too jump in to match their looks with the bride and create a fashion show at the wedding, which no doubt is always spectacular.

“Well, to cut to the chase, trends are important and so here we are, with the five most stunning hairstyles you must try in the current hullabaloo of marriage ceremonies. But before we get to that, it is imperative to talk about the hair type for creating any coiffure. During the times of a wedding, pampering hair is the least of our concerns but having a perfect style is of utmost priority. While some ladies have absolute smooth hair texture, there are women who actually need to tame their hair. For such instances, using Hot Brush is critical.”

Here are some hairstyle ideas suggested by him for the ongoing wedding season which are comfortable yet chic and can be done on your own with ease!

After a proper hair bath and conditioning, using serum together with the hot brush has kind of become every hairstylists’ mandate. This not just tames the unruly hair but gives a smooth texture which makes it easier for experts to work and create good styles for you. So, here we go:

Mild Waves

Using a hot brush, ask your hairstylist to create hair mild waves. After they are set, make a light braid on one side and adorn it with some original tiny flowers. This will create a delicate look, and a style that’s absolutely trendy. Flowers can be replaced with an exquisite headband or a crown. Depending on the skin tone, hair colors too can add a glamorous look

Messy Bun

When the hair is neatly controlled, creating a messy bun out of it gives a gorgeous dreamy look. From one-sided bun to a high, crown bun, to a one right on the nape of the neck, messy buns are hip, feminine and gives such an adorable look. Soft hair tendrils around the face, neck and shoulders add fragility to a woman’s look. With classic pearl hairpins, tiny floral bands to a statement pair of earrings, messy look can be accessorised and teased to create a very satisfying, elegant look.

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Straight Hair

If you can boast an excellent hair texture and quality, then a straight hair look can be your look for the D-day. From a simple middle partition to tucking them completely behind your ears, a straight hair look gives a sleek, modern appearance. It even looks wonderful on girls unwilling to cover their hair. If you want a twist of tradition, a suitable maang tikka can add the oomph factor, however then one should skip dangler earrings completely. Here minimalism works. While keeping the hair linear, you may use a side portion of the hair and tie a knot on the hair to create a ponytail. This will add dapperness to the look. The important thing here is that the hair quality must be good, and hair must be well trimmed to get the finest style.


Weaving hair into a classic pigtail can never go wrong. This fragile hair look, although common, gives a very beautiful appearance. With few strands of hair left open on either side of the face, middle or side partitioned and a loosely tucked creates a trendy hairstyle. Accessorizing them with flowers to balance the simplicity will add chicness.

Curled Hair

Curling up hair using a Hot brush is also the desired look of 2020. Either leave them open to dangle along or tuck them into a half ponytail. Appropriate accessories, partition and make up will glam up the look.

Trying out hairstyles a few days prior to the D-day is important to ensure you get what you desire. While hair experts and stylists are busy, it is advisable to keep your hair ready for them. Dry them out with a hot brush so that they look tidy in whichever style you set them in.

This will not just help you get ready faster but will also quicken your stylists’ work. Experimenting, accessorizing, hair coloring, to doing something unusual, this wedding season, get creative and adventurous. Try a bold look to a traditional one, a sober look to an absolutely revolutionary one, be radical, be ethnic, be chic, just have fun with these trending hairstyles of 2020. Happy Hair Styling!

Picture Courtesy: The Images have been taken from Pinterest.

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