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What is Art Silk sarees?

Art silk sarees are produce from high quality artificial silk fabric. Artificial silk fabric stands for one of the non natural fabric and it is produce from synthetic fibre like Rayon and other fibres in India. Art silk fabric is also called “Rayon Fabric”. So it is quite less expensive than Silk fabric. So, we can say that the sarees which is made from artificial silk are known as Art Silk sarees. Due to its production and manufacturing cost all art silk sarees are affordable than pure silk sarees and jamdani silk sarees. Because pure silk sarees are made from Natural silk fabric and it is very expensive to produce silk fibres as well as weaving process of silk fabric.

Where are the top manufacturers of art silk sarees?

Art silk sarees manufacturers are available on Textile Infomedia portal. They have large range for sarees to purchase in wholesale price. If you are retailer of sarees and looking for some value addition wok silk sarees then go for it. Textile Infomedia is plethora of sarees manufacturers in India. In upcoming years online business of sarees will definitely increase and it is best opportunity to connect with right seller at present.

Art Silk sarees
Art Silk sarees

How to find art silk sarees in best price?

In this competitive market of online selling and ecommerce business you have so many options to search art silk sarees in best wholesale price. At, Textile Portal there are thousands of silk sarees manufacturers from Surat, kanchiupram silk sarees from Chennai, Kanchipuram silk pattu sarees from Kolkata and more. Just login to TIM and get list of all lowest price silk sarees. You can also sort it by price you will get lowest price art silk sarees on this portal.

Is art silk saree providing appealing look like pure silk sarees?

Hmmm, it is quite tough to say yes because silk fabric has some properties which we can’t adopt in art silk. So, pure silk fabric is always pretty then art silk fabric. Silk fabric price and production cost is very high than Art silk or Rayon. At present some high quality fabric production machinery and printing technology manufacturers produces some eye catchy art silk sarees. You can compare it with pure silk as look but you can’t compare the fabric quality.

Reasons to choose Art ilk sarees

  • Art silk sarees made from light weight fabric and comfort to wear
  • It is comfort to carry
  • Easy wash
  • Less expensive than pure silk sarees
  • Eye catchy look than cotton and printed sarees
  • Art silk is as soft as cotton, rich as silk and breathable as wool
  • Comfort in hot seasons

More about Art silk fabric

Although not sold under the name art silk initially, nylon, the first synthetic fiber, was developed in the United States in the late 1930s and used as a replacement for Japanese silk during World War 2. Properties of art silk are superior and it is useful to make parachute for military. Although nylon is not a good substitute for silk fabric in appearance, it is a successful functional alternative. In the present day, imitation silk may be produce with rayon, mercerize cotton, polyester, a blend of these materials, or a blend of rayon and silk.


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